Adrienne Pollard Design Black Mountain art

p o r t f o l i o

a b o u t

c o n t a c t

h o m e


   Self portrait
   (á la Steinberg).
   Pen and ink
   on paper.
   © A. Pollard


   Steaming cup
   of coffee [for A].
   Acrylic on board.
   © Jeff Pollard





    Pine Creek.
    Detail, oil on paper.
    © A. Pollard

selfportrait_line drawing
Steaming coffee cup (for A)_acrylic on board_Jeff Pollard
Detail of landscape_oil on paper_A. Pollard
Self portrait_line drawing







                                D R I E N N E   P O L L A R D  has
en designing communication graphics for over twenty-
  five years, creating award-winning visuals for a variety
  of clients, ranging
from corporate icons, to small inde-
  pendent businesses, to
national environmental and
  wildlife organizations.    

  Pollard's approach is rooted in the premise that good
  design is essentially problem solving—organizing words
  and images to clearly communicate a message. Valuing
  simplicity, while working with clients to find clarity and
  distill meaning, she crafts design solutions that respect
  the intelligence of her audience, with integrity and imagery
  and content worthy of a viewer's precious time and
attention. While a firm believer in the concept, “less is
  more,” her work demonstrates a fine-tuned sensibility and
  attentiveness to the myriad of aesthetic elements that,
  together, inform a project.  

  Pollard has recently moved from her handhewn log cabin
  in the Paradise Valley, into a cozy bungalow in Livingston,
  Montana, with her puppy, Luca. She is still trying to figure
  out what she is doing with her one wild and precious life.

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