Dave Van Ronk, from Rosalie Sorrels' cd, "My Last Go Round"
Adrienne Pollard Design
Black Mountain art

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   Dave Van Ronk.
   Rosalie Sorrels,
   from My Last
   Go Round


   The Value         
   of Engraving.
   Client: ESMA/

   Wolf pup howling.
   © Tom Murphy




ESMA Numbers Man

 “...has been more than just a designer for us. She has helped
to conceptualize and shape our organization's image
   through consistently
high-quality communications
   and fundraising materials. We feel very fortunate to benefit
   from her
creativity and considerable talents.
     — C H R I S T I N E   G I A N A S   W E I N H E I M M E R , 
         Y e l l o w s t o n e   P a r k   F o u n d a t i o n

 “...has a wonderful sense for simple classic
  graphic design
 She creates pieces
  with clear messages defining the product.
    — T O M   M U R P H Y ,
         P h o t o g r a p h e r   &   C l i e n t





“Adrienne is a designer who can take an idea
   from concept to conclusion on her own and, in addition,
   is willing to
listen to her clients. Her ability to support
   us in a
broad range of design arenas:
   product packaging, photo styling, print catalog, etc.,
   has been invaluable.

    — J O E   M A R K S ,  B a u d e l a i r e

Wolf pup howling, ©Tom Murphy